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72th India Independence Day (15 August) Speech In Hindi, English, Tamil, Telugu, Marathi For Teachers, Students, Kids

[[Best 15 August**] Slogans on Independence Day in Hindi, English 2018

Many type of slogans help people to get attention in different places but slogans on independence day is something different. Independence Day slogans are motivational and are related to the country and its freedom. Slogan plays a vital role in promoting your slogans on independence day related to freedom fighters. To make a very heart touching slogan the only mantra is to make it as creative as you can. Every kind of slogan is popular in India especially slogans on independence day in Hindi is liked by each and every Indian then the slogans on independence day in English. People also try to create independence Day slogans in Sanskrit as a well but most of the time many of them don’t work as very few audience understand sanskrit language.

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15th August Happy Independence Day Best Slogan

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If your Independence Day slogan is in English then no need to worry because everyone will understand and appreciate your hard work in making these kind of Independence Day slogans in Hindi and English for the country. Nowadays young people are getting involved in this kind of trendy and modern type of Independence Day slogans which can be in Telugu other languages like Marathi and Malayalam.

15th Aug Independence Day Best Slogan in Hindi

Independence Day slogans in Telugu are quite similar to independence Day slogans in Malayalam because these can influence a lot of people who are living in the south part of our country. And people who no speaking Marathi they have their own Independence Day slogans in Marathi, it is a kind of motivation that each and every different cast with different language speaking people unite together to create their own 15 August slogans which represent their country and freedom fighters. There is always some kind of hidden message and motivation inside all these slogans we all need to find that hidden message and unite together to make our India great again.

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Best Slogans on Independence Day in Hindi and English

A tear always comes to my eye, to see my flag waving high! Short Slogans Indian Independence Day

An independent and free country is a rightful country! Independence Day Slogans of India 2018

I salute the Heroes who gave me my freedom. Best Slogans for Indian Independence Day

Pay our tribute to the real Heroes who sacrificed their life for our freedom. Indian Independence Day Slogans 2018

J0in Hands In Hnds, Brave India’s!!! By uniting as one we stand by dividing we all fall. Independence Day Slogans of India 2018

आओ देश का सम्मान करें, शहीदों की शहादत को याद करें, एक बार फिर से राष्ट्र की कमान, हम हिन्दुस्तानी अपने हाथ धरे, आओ स्वंतंत्र दिवस का सम्मान करें! Indian Independence Day Slogans in Hindi

Naa poochho jamaney koo, Kya hamari kahaniii hain, Hamari pehchaan to sirf ye hai Kee hum sirf hindustani hain..!! Best Slogans for Indian Independence Day

“Tum mujhe khoon do, mai tumhe azaadi doonga.”: Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Independence Day Slogans of India

Today is Independence Day; say it loud, it’s my country’s proud.

We can unfurl the Flag as we live in an independent country.

We are lucky to live with freedom in 21st century because of our forefathers.

We can see the sunrise and we can hear the river water sound peacefully; as we have freedom.

See, how beautifully our Flag is waving in the air!

The waving Flag in the wind is the symbol of our freedom.

We celebrate our freedom on Independence Day.

Independence Day celebration is the symbol of our freedom.

The freedom we live, has taken sacrifice of many lives.

I am proud to be an Indian and respect the culture of my country.

Our Flag looks so grand on this independent land.

Our Flag waves so high which tells the history of how many people died.

Independence Day tells the history of freedom of India.

Unite to stand in all good or bad condition of this land.

Whether it is sunny or rainy, let’s celebrate Independence Day of my country.

An independent country is a country full of rights for its citizens.

I feel proud for my country and happy to live in this gentry.

Freed0m is in the Mind,
Faith in the w0rds..
Pride in 0ur souls..Independence Day Slogans of India
Let’s salute D Nation. Slogans and Quotes on Indian Independence Day❤

We might not pay attention to this slogans and some of the slogans might not be up to our level but we all should remember that these Independence Day slogans are related to our country and they all are important to us. Every state have their own slogans so you can here Independence Day slogans in Malayalam and slogans on independence day in Marathi too. In some parts of south independence Day slogans in Tamil are also used by people those who also create their own creative Independence Day slogans in English and Hindi, these slogan are very informative and related to our freedom. If you want to make slogans on independence day of India to be creative and use different hindi languages as well as other different languages in your slogan this will give it more attention in the crowd. In our day to day life we actually come across many slogans everyday but independence Day slogans in Hindi if something different because the messages written in the slogans are in our national language and we all that everyone will surely read those messages. Reading a good slogan people generally recall their slogan in their mind and then write something different and more exciting than previous one. If you want to send your messages to large group of people then you need to create a slogan that is more effective and catchy. In India many company use this kind of slogans to increase their sales related to freedom fighter toys and clothes. You can also create your own slogan on Independence Day – It can be emotional, patriotic and full of innovative ideas of your own.

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